Time claims she passes by
Leaving us in different shades
Perhaps for now
Moments have been good
They never stop amazing me
And when my lover finally comes
We shall sit down
And dine for once
Drinking our days of happiness
Reminding ourselves we are made for each other
If there is yet anything I need to know
My lover shall tell me then
Our bed has been laid
And commands are at our doorsteps
And happy for once
We can smile back our hopes and desires
Nature knows full well that we are always there for her
If I can not remember anything at all
Perhaps the moments we shared together should be enough
If I cry, it is for you
My joys you shall swim in
And of all my pains
It is to tell you
How much I love you
If I can for the last time
Perhaps, I would beg the world
To excuse us for a minute
And then I will give you all my all
Love like no other
They might jealous us though
But we live to tell our own success tales
They can call us strange
But with you
An old friend
Natives of the same womb, I connote
And yet when we live the days ahead
It is with joy that I sprinkle this
‘Love like no other’

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