My heart has sat me down
And decisions are yet to be known
I reason over and over again
For I am left in a dangle
But from what I have heard
What I have been made to believe
The dark and good side
I leave to tell the tales
Where is beauty?
Why leave her golden necklace on my neck?
Oh, perhaps it was meant for me
I dream and dream
Till I see myself in wonderland perhaps
Where has nature left?
I shall go back and perhaps
Think of continuing or starting all over again
Let us live and free our store house
Of fear and troubles of each day
There are enough rooms for life to harbor them though
Come and listen for once
The days are old
The night has refused to be a virgin
And when I go to bed,
I might think of the stars to sing me hymns
For my taste are sour and my eyes beautiful

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