How lovely to see him back
To tell me those beautiful reverend words
Wetting my lips with his golden kisses
His eye brows dazzles in daylight
When the stars come finally in the night
They tend to bow down to his majesty
His humor compares to none
Beautiful than rose
For where my wishes his command
Not sunflower would obey
But for him, yes
With him beside me
More than a thousand brave hearts
I was in the dark
With none to light my ways
There he comes
With his glittering dresses
Expelled the funny dark
To fly and come back no more
His hugs are blanket over my body
The weather has been cold
But for him, warm
If my lover is strong again
Hmm, I will wait to hear from him
We will fly, fly and fly up
And tell mountain Everest
My lover is taller than he
Go back then and rest your bones
Until my lover comes
Life has left its beauty

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