I am very sorry for sometime now I have not been active. I have been inundated with some academic activities for the past three weeks or so. It soon jailed me and even taught not of giving me a bail. Thank God your lawyers of great interest and desires for my post came and now I am acquitted and discharged. As I am back, it is with different packages altogether. I know you have missed my posts for sometime now. Never mind, life however decided to spend the days with me back in the activities custody, she even spent the night with me and taught me great lessons ready to be unleashed. The Unscripted came with me and styles of different Art’s did not forget to trail my cognizance in writing.
Now, everything is been made simpler. If you do not comprehend or would love more explanations on one (post or posts) especially the poems, just comment ‘Story line’ or ‘An over view’ on that particular post. I would be very grateful to let you know.
Also, if you would love a post (Article, Poem, Quote) written on a particular subject or field, comment ‘More Info’ on a similar subject or E-mail (themaster34@rocketmail.com) and get ready to have it.
I am most grateful for the Follows, Likes and Comments. There is none in life better than this, showing an interest in someone’s Art’s of work.
Thank you.

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