I can smell the goodness
And now as I live
I have no other option
Sleeping and dreaming in caves
Not one is a light
The day’s parade
To sing hmm
To hum worship to those yet unknown
As I sit down,
Take cognizance of what I do
Nature has been best to provide us
Our cloaks
Yet need them for tomorrow
I am afraid
Of the past of moment
The ascending and descending
For not one,
Have an idea about me
I may go and greet them
Yet I know not the hands
We sit and dine
Yet I am an Alien
Yes, it does happens
Beauty is coming
The ugly does not fail to follow
For whence I know the future
I am bold
I can climb mountains
And run with them
Sometimes in life
I am afraid


What is it that my eyes have not seen before?
What is it that my ears have not heard before?
What is it that my hands are yet to touch?
Tell me
Of all that has happened before
Of all those yet to be
Tell me
If I ever would benefit from any
It is the general build up
To my brother life
The things I do
The things I say
The things my eyes have taken notice off
I always pray should have a good impact on me
Life can be kind
To those who drink from its bosom of mercy
If I live, it is because I hope for better days
Yet those to come
As I think of other s
So does nature about me
I have before
But wait, what is life about?
It is about doing one good thing after the other
I have before


I dream and dream of big things
And live with the least in the society
I sit and sit well
And tell my neighbors ‘I love them’
I work and behave
And remember them forever
I drink and eat
And ask them if they have
I can run and run
And I will dedicate some to them
I can sing and sing
Perhaps their mighty song
I will hmm and hmm
Perhaps for their untold stories
Nature has been good to me
I have been good to her
She will tell me her secrets
I will confide in her
She will teach me her lessons
And I will learn
If I will sit down for once
I will think about her
And perhaps if I will do again
I will wish she will spend the night with me again
To tell me those sweet words
To travel my journey with
And when I arrive safely
I am still her friend
An old friend of her
Yeah, an old friend of nature


I have heard they have been there for long
They have never cried though
But when they do
Their heart cannot stop crying
The days untold
The beautiful years wasted
And one can assure me
They have what it takes for the future
Let us go and see them
At least, I have some vegetables
The fruits are ripped
I have been a farmer
And now my crops have harvested me
Let us go and see them
Perhaps we might take one for our self
And tell them, we love them so much
They are for those who want and don’t have
So if nature has refused us one
Let us go and live them with us
They will be happy
For once, their dreams are approaching them
And their hopes are now kind to them
Where they live happily
Nature shall remember us
Where they dream and remember
They shall number us
Where they shall speak
They shall count our words
Come let us go and see them.