Life has been good and bad
It turns and turns
Turns and turns again
Finally setting on me
Takes a deep breath
Telling me her actions after all
I am afraid
The eyes on me
The hands at applauds
The legs on the go
I am afraid
I can quiet remember
If your right eye
Would make thee sin
Cut it off
For the rest, restless
If the things I see,
Of all that I can do
What my ears were capable to accumulate
Yet the vagueness of the future
That beautiful ugly scene
Awaits me
I am afraid
I don’t know if to trust my heart or not
My heard has been good though
When it rests at the sea
I am afraid
Nature has been good to make you a different
And when she finally brings her case
For a study
Be a different
Until you stand not for standing sake
I am afraid

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