She has seen the last drop of water vaporized
And now she can tell between the past and the future
Not one really wanted her existence
For they have left her hut burnt
Her children have been drown
And the bread they eat, now cost as low as life
Her little husband has been expelled
And she has refused to be comforted
If it is Sodom and Gomorrah
I would have wished they change their mind
For Mirah is not ready to turn and look back
The pillar of salt has too much sugar in it
She thinks her hopes for the future have been killed
By her selfish kind family members
The cost it too much for a decent burial
And now the family members have claim ownership
Where the crops she grows must she ask permission from?
If she is to grow old
If she is to grow young
Only her family members can tell
She travelled her crying before the hen croaked
The Sun has gone to bed
Her Royal Highness the Moon is delighted once again to come
With her beauty applauded by the maiden stars
She still weeps
I connote the Bossy Sea has enough room for the floods of agony
But still yet another to come
She dust herself with ashes
And her lonely bald head, luminous
She has been raped
Slowly as she grows
The days have numbered her indeed
Is it bad to cry?
To remember them with your feelings
The taste of disloyalty
Or they might comeback very soon?
To console you and refurnish your cheeks
Dressing them like a bridegroom
Ready for the bride.

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