Yes, our harvest is due
And for once, the rain has reconciled with us
She know she has to come, and now she has
The drums are set
The palm wine pot is full
It is fresh in it
I did it myself anyway
The night is still young
She has no one to entertain her
Sort of banal with the stars
And best as we can, let us dance
If we hop our agony to the grave
Diving our failures to the streams
Tell me
When shall our children learn to grow?
Our world is too small
Come let us dance
For when they come, shall see our hard worked footprints on the sea shore
They know us, yes; we sent them a letter to come
And now they have
If we cry today
We cry tomorrow
At least nature has done a thing
Of all that has happened, she still sends her daughter
To come and give yet
Another pierce of brightness through our dilapidated windows
If we rejoice today
Tomorrow might change her mind
And come along with our fortunes
The dreams we left at the hill side
Not forgetting the very one beside Mountain Everest
So come let us dance
Dance, Dance and Dance again

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