She came and by passed Going down to the streams With her pot of water I stand there watching She came and by passed Climbing up the mountain With her pot of water I stood there watching I cry and wail Scrub of the disbelieve I have Armoured the hopes available But not one can be heard I am left to decide Between Cheetah and Mamba Not one good though The things I have anticipated Those that thought of me The wishes that drown me in mandates My words are simple and the things thereof I live but lived Should … Continue reading I AM AN ALIEN


Life has been good and bad It turns and turns Turns and turns again Finally setting on me Takes a deep breath Telling me her actions after all I am afraid The eyes on me The hands at applauds The legs on the go I am afraid I can quiet remember If your right eye Would make thee sin Cut it off For the rest, restless If the things I see, Of all that I can do What my ears were capable to accumulate Yet the vagueness of the future That beautiful ugly scene Awaits me I am afraid I … Continue reading I AM AFRAID


She has seen the last drop of water vaporized And now she can tell between the past and the future Not one really wanted her existence For they have left her hut burnt Her children have been drown And the bread they eat, now cost as low as life Her little husband has been expelled And she has refused to be comforted If it is Sodom and Gomorrah I would have wished they change their mind For Mirah is not ready to turn and look back The pillar of salt has too much sugar in it She thinks her hopes … Continue reading OH! WHY THE CRY?


Yes, our harvest is due And for once, the rain has reconciled with us She know she has to come, and now she has The drums are set The palm wine pot is full It is fresh in it I did it myself anyway The night is still young She has no one to entertain her Sort of banal with the stars And best as we can, let us dance If we hop our agony to the grave Diving our failures to the streams Tell me When shall our children learn to grow? Our world is too small Come let … Continue reading COME LET US DANCE