Where the grasses grow and meet their friends thousands miles away
Till the Sun sets and tell us her story
We shall continue our conversations with dream
For if we say a word, they say we know not
But when that day comes, they call us wisdom
As we sit down on fragmented chairs and listen to their words
They take us for none
Forgetting our sweet sweats, their honey
Wait a minute, where have they been
Of all the seconds they breathed in with sugar
Not a vapor did our nose recognize
But when we sit down for once
They think themselves masters of time
Telling our eyes, to vacate and remember our days of sit
And what have I to say
The very moments thereof trail their awareness
Where their consciences might be dead
I pray it wakes up one day
When the Sun finally sets from the West to East
To render our heart in happiness
Telling us stories from our hopes
As we lie down to listen
Appreciating one another
Where the wind, our friends
The Sun, a new hope giver

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