The wind blow
The angry storm followed
The keenly rain clothed it all in cat and dog
All on the lonely Magnifera Indica tree
Only to call it defeat
When many are down
Let’s its fate rescue

The good old days gave a flash
“But when that it is even like this, surely
Shall nature not destitute” hoped the the tree
The wind and its battalions combat fiercely
With it to see it downfall
Dangling to and fro
The tree hold firmly

Hands of the clock have refused anticlockwise
Much too heavy it was
That the roots began to gave up
The tree, hard as it is, this still can not convince thee
Smiling nature dominated the protagonist then
Like a baby cuddled to sleep, all calmed down
Rejoicing, the Magnifera Indica tree was elated
For though it were, it weren’t

And now in the coolness of the day
The rising Sun showed its gratitude
When you stand for a change
Challenges pay a visit
Trials also pay a visit
Be not desperado
Only not to defeat you
Gives hope to others

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