Great mountains and Valleys
Oceans of the days
Streams of mother river
Need I to tell you what has happened?
The very tree the mouth of strangers ate from
The beautiful tree from which neighbors ate from
Can’t you remember?
Even golden birds and friends of diamonds
Ate from it
And now you can remember
It has falling down
Refusing to rise no more
To no place
Than where the drunkards and the strangers
Had their bottles of drinks
Oh no, not there
Where the goose that lays the golden eggs
Yes that is there
It was not thoughts of
Nor the polished physio chemical biological machine
But what about the cracked mou7ths
Their shell might have a sketch then
Has it footprints led many home?
Where the goose that lays the golden eggs
Yes, that was there
When the wind comes around
With its cool breeze friends
Let me know
And my tears shall leave me  to think
There is a message
Let it come and dispute it off
The caves that which have a sketch
In their very own eye lights
May it carry both heavier and lighter hearts
When it comes
Let it have this picture
The goose that lays the golden eggs
Have bathed today in ashes
Fort there has been many clashes
But not for this very splashes
Of water then , in its very own eyes
For it has caused a wound
And need Dr. Decipher
Oh no, not that
Yes ,a hope will do
But then when it rises again shall it not fall
Yes, just there before I closed my eyes
And the a blink
Down it was, with none but one
A tree has falling Indeed

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