A plant may be watered by a river
But when not,, it has dried
To the plant
All hopes are gone
To death, paying a visit, hen, this is easy
The chicken suffers
Crying for help but to no avail sobers day and night
There was a rain
Soon into a flood
Had no space for mercy
Swallow the beautiful white building
Fetch good lucks out of the bad
Men can claim braveness
But down in agony
Must they loos hope
A rich man can become poor
And the poor rich
For such to happen
Let melancholy embrace the sad heart
All from different wombs
But from the same hand
Fate awaits all
Discover and implement thenTo loose hope from the beginning
To loos at the end
Both have lost sense
Let then a goal be set
To be entangled with life
Learn from it
Smell it
And taste opportunity out of out

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