Africa, to stumble, live no trails

For rains of fame, wash thee of

Thou does things for all

Live to rejoice

Holes of cracked walls be filled

And left to peace

Thy heart, hands of sleepless night

Dined for being built

Ages to come and go

Shouts thy days off

See no other image

In-front of there alone

A beggar has no choice

Listen the French tongue has something to say

‘Aide-toi le ciel t’aidera’

Does this of the the says

We don’t, fame of calabash

Be bold and safeguard

For thee has none but one

Thou cry and soon heard by neighbors

To give a helping hand

This not perpetual

Best can be done

As clouds coagulate

And no sooner wakings the rain

So can mothers do the same for thee

This be awarded then

For not one but all

Shall ants eat from

These have done great

Portal names shall roots ever

This can be

And then colorful feathers

Proud and of treasure

Fly above all

Home for all

Out of cave, Africa

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The world is a neutral shell inculcated in it. Unless the hen croaks at midnight for the dawn of a new day, let worries have no say, Africa as it is have we left it so far to be. A crack in a wall can be cemented, and a torn cloth sewed, why then Africa can’t in the aspect. There was a seed which germinated but soon didn’t bear any fruit. Water did we refuse it to grow. We blame ourselves then for a grave mistake have been done. And now we call it suffering as it is like a by product for that which we have done. A bundle of broom sticks proves tedious when attempted at in breaking. This is going to be unprecedented when don in the life of thee. There was peep into the future and soon things put in place. America for instance wasn’t at first united, they were individual states. But now, they are. Money would have to be use in order for them to get and acquire some territories. There has to be treaties and agreements. After winning a war must the other joined to serve and soon were both protecting their boundaries. Mentioned earlier on are the means by which the American’s used in uniting. West Africa produced a seed, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. Son of the future, the words from his tongue unfolded a reasoning message to all ears but soon was it dispatched. “Our independence is meaningless unless it is linked with liberation of Africa” He started, continued and failed. Whiles our hearts crave for none but leadership. America knew the essence of working together as a whole. Its whole effort is to the benefit of all which ours diverse. What can we boast of now, nothing? Things soon happen in our very caves of our life and we blame others. Have we forgotten that we didn’t live our cracked walls as it is? Neither our torn clothes to wear? Why then can’t we think of unity and becoming one? Let that which is gone, let it be forever but still stairs taken into consideration. Don’t forget this, “ideas rape capital out of its shell. Only to afford more strategic and economical plans can last longer and home with you”. Nothing is budget to come by sitting and complaining. “Capital, capital, capital” forgetting that the wind blows and soon carries light objects thereof. For the heavy ones also, needs much more. As a magnet, clouds amalgamate and cohesively knock down rain. Let man then in a plan or project. We soon shall become one of the greatest continents in the world. Our lands shall produce joy and leave a footprint for our seeds to home. Our economy shall boost like no other business. A bird released, fly higher and higher. Such shall Africa be. Lets’ thou thought register not own selves but all. This will help tremendously and expeditiously in twinkling our hearts. The higher you climb a mountain, the more tired you becomes, when done celebrates with destined heart. Our heart hands work day in and out proving the eligibility of pour intellects leaving trails of fame, let this be for all Our calabash of dignity, not broken but protected. Africa, Africa do things not because of others is doing but thou know what’s doing. This, the way forward. Follow: Facebook: dvsl.life Twitter: thecunctator http://www.prof4life.floost.com

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