Singing and rejoicing at the dawn wind

Voices of different species

Could the atmosphere be engulfed with

Riding on the wind to all ears

A land purposed from nature

Forest does it become

Resting over thereof

For this has nothing to prove

Like a spade lying idly

Have nothing to do in the world of business

May it rust

And regret after-all

For the hands be occupied

Sleeping in works

Can boast of productivity

May it be elated then

A determined heart

Starts at the crack dawn

But still not, can it be fulfilled

They both have sense

To sit down and await death

Should man compare to

The inexhaustible of the lithosphere

From galloping the water

Facts on first acts

This as a criteria for thee

Is as growing plant in the midst of feldspar

Man should reason

Doing best for oneself

Ruling as a noble king

Having no blame for nature

Hard-works lie in hands of man, approved by God.